Raindirk Audio Design Console History

Many would argue that Cyril Jones, the founder and owner of Raindirk Audio Design, is one of the best console designers in the world.
Sound on Sound

Founded in 1973, Raindirk Audio Ltd is a manufacturer of high-end, pro-audio equipment used in both recording studios and live sound reproduction. Raindirk's first console was sold to former Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan's Kingsway Studios and later even Rupert Neve purchased one of his consoles.

Deep Purple
De Lane Lea studios 1973

Clients included Olympic Studios & Rupert Neve

Series 3 console 1974

Clients included: Olympic studios London, (replaced the Helios consoles)

in-line console 1978

Clients included Pete Townsend, Bob Dylan & George Harrison

Symphony console 1990

Clients included, Paramount Film studios L.A, Disney Studios & Philips/Deutsche Grammaphon

current products

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  • RM3 Series

    Compact microphone amplifier, using the same electronics as the Symphony consoles, built to order.

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  • RM4 Series

    Same microphone amplifier as the RM3 with the additional three band equalizer and compression option.

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  • RM6 Series

    Same microphone amplifier as the rm3 with the addition of midband parametric EQ and variable shelving EQs for treble and bass.

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  • Active D.I.

    FET amplifier offering 4.7Mohm input impedance for matching to acoustic guitars and extremely high quality audio for bass guitars.

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Lustraphone Transformers

Raindirk Lustraphone transformer are the ones chosen by engineers on all occasion after making direct comparison on a range of materials. Our transformer outclass all others due to their authentic sound, adding that characteristical 'air' to the mic eq performance.

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