About Lustraphone transformers
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Many claim to have made an exact and authentic clone of the old Lustraphone transformer with all the inherent characteristics.
Raindirk Lustraphone transformer are the ones chosen by engineers on all occasion after making direct comparison on a range of materials. The Raindirk Lustraphone transformer outclass others on all occaisions due to their authentic sound, adding that characteristical 'air' to the mic eq performance.

Construction and testing

Raindirk Lustraphone transformers through meticulous development and co-operation of suppliers use identical materials, large lamination pattern and bobbin, which are custom manufactured for us.

We have run multiple tests that in our opinion and through our findings, dispute all claims made for Sowter, Unimag, Beyer etc. regarding the authenticity and character of their clones. These clones do not exhibit the phase and high frequency performance of the original, which sonic responses we first plotted in the 90's from the original modules

Lustraphone Transformers

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